Upcycling: Appreciating and making use of our resources

This monster storm has really made those of us who live in the northeast greatful for the resources we do have.  To say the least it has put life on hold for many. But, it has also made others appreciate liImageImageImageImageImageImageImagefe itself. My motto is always recycle, upcycle, re-use and re-purpose.  Last night after watching endless days of news about the monster storm I decided to finally start on one of my projects. It is almost finished and ready to be posted maybe in a week or so. I need more glue to finish it up. I’m posting some more pictures. Enjoy and be safe. For now




Something Old-Something New equals to Upcycling

I was just sitting thinking how many old and new things we use to do upcycling. For example I learned crocheting from my grandmother and I now use it to crochet rugs made out of plastic bags. The same thing with the fact that I always wanted a dream catcher but could never find one. I eventually looked up how to do the weaving and have now created a smalll one using a lamp shade and rope. I’m sharing pictures of all these things and er I have made. Upcycling allows you to use what are considered old time skills such as weaving and crotcheting and use it to create completely new things. Hope you enjoy viewing.ImageImageImageImageImageImage



What materials to use for upcycling

People often ask me when I show them the things I make what I use t make them. I tell them I use anything that would have been normally discarded. I use lots of plastic supermarket bags, cardboard, and paint. I rarely buy anything to make any of my creations. Every single time I create something I create it out of something that would be discarded such as toilet paper tolls, the packing for products and like I said plastic bags. I even make flowers out of paper bags. I keep all my materials or most of my materials in a large plastic tupper ware bin. It is hard to keep them sorted because it would take just about all the space I have in aImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage very small apartment. At one point someone asked me if I had an art room and I had to just laugh. Far from it. More like a art tupperware and a close filled with more stuff to upcycle. Right now I’m a little behind in taking pictures of some of the newest things I have made but there are still plenty of pictures of some of the things I have already made. I will continue to post them.



Upcycling as both Art and Function

I have been upcycling now for about 5 years ago. Five years ago I called it being bored. About a year ago I started calling it upcycling and took a new twist and became more willing to upcycle everything . I have now developed and archive of pictures. I’m posting them here.