What materials to use for upcycling

People often ask me when I show them the things I make what I use t make them. I tell them I use anything that would have been normally discarded. I use lots of plastic supermarket bags, cardboard, and paint. I rarely buy anything to make any of my creations. Every single time I create something I create it out of something that would be discarded such as toilet paper tolls, the packing for products and like I said plastic bags. I even make flowers out of paper bags. I keep all my materials or most of my materials in a large plastic tupper ware bin. It is hard to keep them sorted because it would take just about all the space I have in aImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage very small apartment. At one point someone asked me if I had an art room and I had to just laugh. Far from it. More like a art tupperware and a close filled with more stuff to upcycle. Right now I’m a little behind in taking pictures of some of the newest things I have made but there are still plenty of pictures of some of the things I have already made. I will continue to post them.



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