Upcycling: Adding a logo to my Blog

As all of you will see the top pages of my blogs will now have a new log. This logo was created by me before I started this blog. I created it out of two symbols the diamond shapes intertwined represent justice and the two figures with their hands held up high represent victory.  I have been mean meaning to add it on but sometimes it is hard to get the size to fit just right. I finally did it and here it is. 

Upcycling: Seven simple upcycling projects

I was feeling somewhat restless but not quite like I wanted to do something or many things that would be too complicated. I the decided to look through my  box of goodies where I keep all my materials for upcycling and came up with these 7 projects. They are a magnetic angel made out of card holder that was a swede like material, a miniature picture frame I cut out from an incense package and I glued a magnet behind it, a little bootie that can be used either as christmas ornament or part of a gift tag, or even for a baby shower, then I had three hearts glued together with a baby glued in the middle, kind of cute as a gift tag or for a baby shower table, the other was a flower tag cut out of the same swede type card holder in the form of a flower along with some silver cord and a small bell I had. The calendar/fan perhaps my favorite in the bunch is made out of four calendar pages glued back to back with a ribbon on the bottom. The other item in the bunch is simple paper cut in the form of a plant and pasted on those paint sample cards you can from any large store. Enjoy



Upcycling: Egyptian Queen Paper Doll

From time to time I get into this phase where I just get inspired to make different paper dolls. I decided to make this paper doll out of some wrapping paper and I looked a the different head dress sImageImageImageome of the Egyptian Queens wore and here it is. Her hair is made out of plastic bags. Enjoy



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Upcycling: The Viking Paper Doll

Every so often I get vision of a paper doll I just feel I have to make. This just came to me that I should make a Viking paper doll. The body is made out of a box of cereal, her clothes are plastic, her hair is made out of yellow plastic bag handles, and her cape and hat is made out of a single glove after I had lost its partner. Enjoy





Upcycling: Repurposing candle containers

i had these four small candle containers and i thought what else could I use them for besides just burn other small candles. Well, I think they make great tea light candle holders. But, I also decided to paint something on each of them. I painted the on word on each in different colors, love in red, peace in blue, joy in yellow, and health in a light brown. Now when tea lights are place in them they will reflect the glow of each of these words. Enjoy



Upcycling: Making your own Potpourri out of kitchen left overs

I used to do this a long time ago but never really did it consistently. I now live in a small city apartment where everyone else’s aromas seem to seep into my place, and this includes my closets. I basically dried orange peels, took the meshing from the onions, they meshing doesn’t absorb the onions smell. I then put one cinnamon stick and clove. I tied one end with a ribbon and there I had the sweetest smelling potpourri. Enjoy



Upcycling: An upcycled paper doll with a parasol

I started this paper doll like many others just thinking about making her different from all the other dolls I have made so far. I then thought maybe I like her to have a parasol . I made the parasol out of a paImagege out of a calendar page because it had a pretty picture of flower. I used small bamboo sticks for the inside just two. I used another bamboo stick for the handle. You just have to wait for the glue to dry. Enjoy