Upcycling: Seven simple upcycling projects

I was feeling somewhat restless but not quite like I wanted to do something or many things that would be too complicated. I the decided to look through my  box of goodies where I keep all my materials for upcycling and came up with these 7 projects. They are a magnetic angel made out of card holder that was a swede like material, a miniature picture frame I cut out from an incense package and I glued a magnet behind it, a little bootie that can be used either as christmas ornament or part of a gift tag, or even for a baby shower, then I had three hearts glued together with a baby glued in the middle, kind of cute as a gift tag or for a baby shower table, the other was a flower tag cut out of the same swede type card holder in the form of a flower along with some silver cord and a small bell I had. The calendar/fan perhaps my favorite in the bunch is made out of four calendar pages glued back to back with a ribbon on the bottom. The other item in the bunch is simple paper cut in the form of a plant and pasted on those paint sample cards you can from any large store. Enjoy




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