Upcycling: The Bride and the Bouquet Paper Doll

ImageImageImageFirst I like to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on how you liked some of the upcycled items. I have had a bit of drama with my old laptop. I think I will need to break down and get a new one. It has only been 8 years since I last bought one.

Well, so much for that in the meantime I have kept busy with new projects that I will be posting. This one is of a bride. She is made out of cardboard, box of cereal, painted, her hair is made of plastic bag handles. Her veil is made out of garlic meshing, and the inside of the veil is a piece of stencil art that is meant to be transferred on to glass instead I used it as a backing for the veil by using glue. Her dress is made out of left over wrapping paper. The small bouquet at her feet is made out of paper and plastic pieces. Enjoy



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