Upcycling: All flowers from gift wrap and more

ImageImageImageFirst a thank you, to the blogger camryforrest 57 for your comment on the snow globe. I always appreciate all the comments and feedback, In upcycling you are always learning how to re-use and make things better.

I was really feeling stressed and the best way I know to keep my fingers busy and stress at bay is to upcycle of course. I decided that I would pull  of the closet out as many of the left over gift wraps I have. I decided I’m making flowers. The result was that I cut circles from every type of wrap and even sliver wrap, and a New York city subway map and made all these flowers and attached them to bamboo sticks. My technique is basically taking a piece of paper cutting it in a circle and then folding it in half and using a glue stick as I twirl the paper around to make it into a flower. I always use some kind of kite string to tie the base  and apply more glue to it. Enjoy




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