Upcycling: Cave Woman Paper Doll

ImageImageI sometimes have a list of items that I want or would like to make and some other inspiration comes to me. I decided to make a cave woman with a little child. She is made out of an old office manilla folder, her hair is made out of a piece of left over balck cloth, and her dress is made out of left over gift wrap. Enjoy


Upcycling: How to make a Scroll

ImageImageEver wonder what to do with some of that fancy stationery you have and never quite  and never used. I decided to make a scroll . I think that it would make a nice menu to be place as part of a table setting. It was all very simple. I started with the inner tube from an incense box. It was thin enough for me to use a regular piece piece of stationery. I then glue it on and on both the inner and outer edges I used gold ribbon and before you know it you have your own scroll. Of course if you have longer paper then you can do more fancy things with it. Enjoy


Upcycling: NYC Subway map hand shaped magnet


I guess I was on a roll with the subway map. I decided I would also make a hand shaped magnet, just a magnet. I started the same as the picture frame except that I made the hand about two times smaller and did not make a place for a picture in the center. Enjoy


Upcycling: New York City Subway Map Hand Shaped Picture Frames

ImageHere it is another way I love to use this map. I traced my hand, you could trace anybody’s hand. A child’s hand might be really cute in that you could make a smaller picture fram. What I then did is cut the hand shape twice and glued it on to a piece of cardboard. I then took a  round piece of cardboard and covered with the subway map paper. This would make the actual frame for the picture. For demonstration sake I cut out a picture of flowers and put it in the center just as you would a picture. The back I placed two round magnets and glued them on so that you could put this picture on any magnetic surface. Enjoy


Upcycling: White Paper Rose

ImageAfter  I had completed the bride I had some paper left over. I decided why not make a rose. I started by cutting the paper in different size circles. I then folded the circles into cone shapes. I took the biggest circle and began filling it with the smaller cones after I had dipped them into the glue. The result is a  rose that looks like it is blooming. For the stem I used a bamboo stick. Enjoy



Upcycling: The Alien Paper Doll

ImageI thought about making this paper doll for a while and I said well  now is as good time as any. She is made completely out of plastic, and cardboard. At the bottom of her skirt I had this stuff about space and it looked so appealing and I said why not put it there. Enjoy


Upcycling: The Bride and the Bouquet Paper Doll

ImageImageImageFirst I like to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on how you liked some of the upcycled items. I have had a bit of drama with my old laptop. I think I will need to break down and get a new one. It has only been 8 years since I last bought one.

Well, so much for that in the meantime I have kept busy with new projects that I will be posting. This one is of a bride. She is made out of cardboard, box of cereal, painted, her hair is made of plastic bag handles. Her veil is made out of garlic meshing, and the inside of the veil is a piece of stencil art that is meant to be transferred on to glass instead I used it as a backing for the veil by using glue. Her dress is made out of left over wrapping paper. The small bouquet at her feet is made out of paper and plastic pieces. Enjoy



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Upcycling: Marie Antointte Paper Doll

As long as I was on the subject of women and their impact on history and their dresses. I decided to make a Marie Antoinette paper Doll. Her dress is completely made out of paper. her wig is made out of cotton. Her necklace is made from that little medaliion that comes in sewing kits and I tied it with a silver ribbon.Her waist band is out of garlic meshing and tied in the back in a bow. Enjoy


Upcycling: Card From The Garden

Sometime in a past life I had a really wild but what I considered a beautiful garden. One day I decided to take some of the flowers and roses and press them down on the printer and make copies on card stock. I printed them in both black and color and you can see the pictures couldn’t be more natural. Enjoy



Upcycling:College Graduate

I figure with spring and graduations around the corner I minus well make a paper doll that is a graduate. Here she is. All paper and plastic. To make her hat I used a paper towel roll and cut a piece of cardboard and spray painted it with black paint. For the top part of her hat I used pizza strings and tied it from the inside and made it frilly at the end by tying several small pieces together.  Enjoy