Upcyling: Pay it Forward and Its Free

From time to time I see and hear about these websites that are doing all kinds of things with materials and at the same time giving back to charity.  I have decided to included some of these in a list. I can never find a list that anyone can go to and say this is where you would find a list of organizations that recycle repurpose and give back to charity.

1)The first one is Terracylcle.com this is website you can sign up and become a member and save different types of packaging such as potato chips or shampoo containers etc. Terracyle then recycles these containers into other products and so forth. You can save and mail your containers, wrappings free of charge because all you have to do is download a shipping label. Each amount of containers equals points that can then be given to certain charities or redeemed for some healthy cleaning and gardening supplies.

2)Recycle the World.Org is another organization I found that you can actually look up your zip code and donate things and also get things for free if you need them. They are worth a look

3) Free Rice.Com is an organization that has online games such as vocabulary words and for each word you get right they donate points in grains of rice that are donated to countries were food is really needed. I think it is probably a good way to get kids to play, learn and give back to others.  I myself have played the game and a few levels later I found it challenging.

4) This is not really a recycling type of organization but GoodSearch is a search engine that contributes to charities of your choice whenever you choose their search engine. I think it is certainly a worthy cause. For Now



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