Upcycling: Flowers two colors in one

These flowers are made out of plastic bags. The red and white flower is made out of plastic bags that happen to have a red design whereas the pink and white flower is made out of two different bags. What I did is that I cut three or four pieces of plastic bags and then inserted a hole in the middle and folded them in half. I then inserted a bamboo stick and tied kite string around it. I used gule to make sure the kite string would stay on. Enjoy



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Upcycling: The Cloth Flower

ImageImageThis flower is made out of bits and pieces of cloth left over from a table runner. I took the cloth and with a sewing needle gave it a shape of a flower,  I then put it on a bamboo stick and sprayed it to make the flower firm once it dries up. Enjoy

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Upcycling: Paper flower with a Smiling Sun

ImageImageHope this flower brings a smile to everyone’s face. I made this flower out of the paper wrapping for toilet paper roll .It just happens that this paper had a smiling sun picture. I worked with the paper like all the other flowers I make. The only difference is that I made a point of having the sun’s smiling face on the outside. Enjoy


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Upcycling: Upcycled Paper Flower with hear shaped inserts

ImageImageImageI love flowers, and when I had this piece of shiny pink cardboard type of material left over I decided to simply take a hole puncher and punch holes in it and cut it out in heart shapes. I then made a white paper flowr and glued three of these pink flowers around it. Enjoy


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Upcycled: Upcycled Large Gift Wrap Paper Flower

ImageImageImageI started experimenting with gift paper wrap to see just how big I could make a flower. I think this is as big as could make it for now using the technique I have been using so far. But I will continue trying new ways. Enjoy



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Upcycling: Upcycled Paper Tulips

ImageImageI’m back. Nothing like getting your car inspected in New York City, getting new brakes, and an axle to throw your llfe into a spin of activity. The following are tulips made after painting paper bags with yellow paint. Using bamboo sticks for the stem and kite string to keep them together. I also used one smaller vase and put water in a bigger one to give it an illlusion that they are in water. Enjoy


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Upcycling: A mixture of materials bouquet

ImageImageImageImageI was kind of tired of just using plastic bags and paper for my flowers. I decided to try one different material. The white flower is made out of two dryer sheets. I tied the two dryer sheets after I had used them in the dryer around a bamboo stick and tied it at the bottom with kite string and then tied the base again with a piece of white ribbon and there it is. The pink flower is a plastic bag but the blue center is made out of one of those little plastic card holders. I followed the same routine, and I got the pink on the outside and the blue in the center. The last flower is a small tiger print like paper bag. I said why not I do have this very small bag. Enjoy


Upcycling: Blue Velvet Flower

ImageImageBelieve it or not this small blue velvet flower is made from those card wallets. The outside is a velvet like material and the inside is plastic. I simply split it open and proceeded to make a small flower out of it. I stapled it to the bamboo stick since it would not hold with the glue. I used a small piece of lace at the base to cover the staple. Enjoy



Upcycling: Upcycled flower with a twist



Here I still had some left over material from some tights and I had already made one flower before. But, I also had some copper wiring. As a result the next logical step was to put the two together. I used the copper wiring for the center of the flower and the tights for the flower itself with a bamboo stick. Enjoy