Upcycling: The Cloth Flower

ImageImageThis flower is made out of bits and pieces of cloth left over from a table runner. I took the cloth and with a sewing needle gave it a shape of a flower,  I then put it on a bamboo stick and sprayed it to make the flower firm once it dries up. Enjoy

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Upcycled: Upcycled Large Gift Wrap Paper Flower

ImageImageImageI started experimenting with gift paper wrap to see just how big I could make a flower. I think this is as big as could make it for now using the technique I have been using so far. But I will continue trying new ways. Enjoy



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Upcycling: Blue Velvet Flower

ImageImageBelieve it or not this small blue velvet flower is made from those card wallets. The outside is a velvet like material and the inside is plastic. I simply split it open and proceeded to make a small flower out of it. I stapled it to the bamboo stick since it would not hold with the glue. I used a small piece of lace at the base to cover the staple. Enjoy



Upcycling: Simple Gift Paper Tissue Flower

Picture 038Picture 037Picture 036

I started  out trying to figure out what to do with three pieced of left over gift tissue paper. I had already made a dress for a paper doll. Well, I figured I had enough to make a flower and I did. The thing is that I have made a couple of white flowers already. I decided why not spray paint the edges with gold, and I did. I will probably get a little more inventive from this point on. Enjoy


Upcycling: Upcycled flower with a twist



Here I still had some left over material from some tights and I had already made one flower before. But, I also had some copper wiring. As a result the next logical step was to put the two together. I used the copper wiring for the center of the flower and the tights for the flower itself with a bamboo stick. Enjoy



Upcycling: A Golden Vase and Flower

ImageThe first picture is of one of those glasses you get in an amusement park or even a restaurant with the company’s logo on it and after you get it home you just put it away. I decided to spray paint it gold, and I put to previously upcycled flowers made out of pantyhose and paper in it to make it more striking with the black and white in the vase. The second is simply the mesh from garlic wrapping wound around a bamboo stick and tied with kite string. I then spray painted it gold. It actually looks metallic although I didn’t expect it. Enjoy



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