Upcycling: Ms. New York Paper Doll

This whimsical paper doll is made out NYC subway maps for her dress. Her hair is made out of plastic bags, and her crown is in the shape of the statue of liberty. Enjoy

MayraPicture 164

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Upcycling: NYC Subway map hand shaped magnet


I guess I was on a roll with the subway map. I decided I would also make a hand shaped magnet, just a magnet. I started the same as the picture frame except that I made the hand about two times smaller and did not make a place for a picture in the center. Enjoy


Upcycling: New York City Subway Map Hand Shaped Picture Frames

ImageHere it is another way I love to use this map. I traced my hand, you could trace anybody’s hand. A child’s hand might be really cute in that you could make a smaller picture fram. What I then did is cut the hand shape twice and glued it on to a piece of cardboard. I then took a  round piece of cardboard and covered with the subway map paper. This would make the actual frame for the picture. For demonstration sake I cut out a picture of flowers and put it in the center just as you would a picture. The back I placed two round magnets and glued them on so that you could put this picture on any magnetic surface. Enjoy