Upcycling: The Beige Crochet Rug

Picture 266This crochet rug is made out of beige plastic bags, that I cut into strips and then began to crochet away. Enjoy


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Upcycling: The Blue Crochet Rug

Picture 231This rug is made completely out of plastic bags. I cut the bags into strip and joined them with a knot. I then proceeded to crochet them in a circular motion. I of course also used two other colors to give it more life. I used whatever crochet stich moved me at the time.Enjoy

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Upcycling: Flowers two colors in one

These flowers are made out of plastic bags. The red and white flower is made out of plastic bags that happen to have a red design whereas the pink and white flower is made out of two different bags. What I did is that I cut three or four pieces of plastic bags and then inserted a hole in the middle and folded them in half. I then inserted a bamboo stick and tied kite string around it. I used gule to make sure the kite string would stay on. Enjoy



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Upcycling: Burlesque Paper Doll

ImageThe other I saw a picture and it was about a burlesque type of show where the women wore these fancy dresses with feathers around their neck and feathers on top of their head. I decided to make a paper doll. I started with a box of cereal, a blue feather from a duster, gift wrap for her dress and some little girl’s earrings I had. Her hair is made out of plastic bag handles and the wrapping around her shoulders is made out of tissue paper. Enjoy


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Upcycling: Braided Bracelet

Picture 097This is a simple braided bracelet I made. I saw them making it on a tv showe with cloth and an electrical wire in the middle. I did the upcycling thing and decided to use the tie metal wiring that comes with fruits and vegetables, and strips of plastic from plastic bags.Enjoy


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Upcycling: A mixture of materials bouquet

ImageImageImageImageI was kind of tired of just using plastic bags and paper for my flowers. I decided to try one different material. The white flower is made out of two dryer sheets. I tied the two dryer sheets after I had used them in the dryer around a bamboo stick and tied it at the bottom with kite string and then tied the base again with a piece of white ribbon and there it is. The pink flower is a plastic bag but the blue center is made out of one of those little plastic card holders. I followed the same routine, and I got the pink on the outside and the blue in the center. The last flower is a small tiger print like paper bag. I said why not I do have this very small bag. Enjoy


Upcycling: The art of Recreating with Plastic Bags

Its being a bit of time since my last blog. I guess with Super Storm Sandy here in New York City and then Thanksgiving it all just became one big blur of time. I started some projects and some just didn’t turn out as well as expected, a collage. Some projects especially the crochet projects take an awful long time. But, I did manage one big crochet rug, and a rosary crocheted out of plastic bags. I use plastic bags from anything like disposing garbage, to a shower cap, to crocheting all kinds of items. ┬áHope you enjoy the lastest picutres.