Upcycling: The repurposes cookie jar

ImageImageImageThis cookie jar was originally a pumkin scented candle. After I washed it I then used it as a fish bowl for a while. I then washed it and put it away for the past two years. The other day I saw this wonderful recipe for making bath fizz. I used one of my heart shaped ice trays and made all these wonderful bath fizz and the candle container, turned fish bowl became  a way to display and keep these bath fizz hearts dry. Enjoy


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Upcycling: Make use of all those office Christmas Cards and repurpose them

Even though we are very computer oriented some people still give paper Christmas cards. This especially true in the workplace. Let us face it sometimes we get cards from people we don’t even like. But, with that said the cards will still accumulate and gather dust and eventually go in the drawer or garbage can. Why not make something beautiful out of them in the meantime. I decided to make angels out of three Christmas cards. Enjoy