Upcycling: The Belly Dancer Paper Doll

This is a totally upcycled paper doll made out of cardboard, meshing from onions, left over decorations, and plastic. Enjoy

MayraPicture 241

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Upcycling: Victorian Paper Doll

ImageImageI started this doll with the idea of what a victorian paper doll would look like. I decided I had a nice pink gift wrap with flowers on it. This is how I made the dress the other thing was a hat. I decided to make it out of a paper towel inner roll and cutting a piece of cardboard for the top and cutting ring around it. I then covered this hat with gift wrap. I used the meshing from  a garlic bag to make the lace area around the hat. Her collar and belt are made out of elastic I had left over. Her hair is made out of plastic bag handles. Enjoy