Something Old-Something New equals to Upcycling

I was just sitting thinking how many old and new things we use to do upcycling. For example I learned crocheting from my grandmother and I now use it to crochet rugs made out of plastic bags. The same thing with the fact that I always wanted a dream catcher but could never find one. I eventually looked up how to do the weaving and have now created a smalll one using a lamp shade and rope. I’m sharing pictures of all these things and er I have made. Upcycling allows you to use what are considered old time skills such as weaving and crotcheting and use it to create completely new things. Hope you enjoy viewing.ImageImageImageImageImageImage



Various Ways to look at Upcycling

I will be putting forth a number of ways I have been upcycling. I will be publishing a number of pictures of some of the work I have been creating over the last few months