Upcycling: The art of Upcycling for Three King’s Day

This year and for the past few years I have not put up a Christmas tree. Mostly it has been a matter of having disposed of my old tree along with all its ornaments and never really getting a new one. Also moving makes it kind overwhelming and space is really tight. But, that is not to say that I’m not thinking about feeling appreciative and just looking at the things I do have and not the ones I do not have in these really hard times. One tradition my daughter and I have tried to keep alive is Three King’s Day, the day the three kings present baby Jesus with gifts. This year since I didn’t have a tree I did what I have seen being done with a tree brach. I painted it white. I place both rocks and stone inside a rectangular vase, and I had the glass nativity set. I simply placed the nativity set around it. I have to tell you painting a tree branch is not as easy as they make it seem on television. I would use spray paint, except I was using paint I already have. Also if you have a wall with a color other than white it probably provides a better view.   Enjoy viewing.